Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Memoirs of a Kitchen Lady- Conversations

It is amazing how much conversation goes on in the lunch line in the 30 seconds or so that they are in front of me...

Breakfast Day 1- "Hey Troy, Do you think $60 is too much to spend on a Lizard?"
Troy- "I don't know, what kind of lizard?"

Lunch- "Its a bearded dragon"
Next day breakfast
"Did I tell you it comes with the Aquarium and the heat lamp"
Lunch-"I am buying it with my own money"
Troy " Well, if it comes with all the stuff then that doesn't sound too bad"

Next Day Breakfast "Guess What Troy? I got TWO Lizards"
Troy " Cool" Thinking... Glad its you...

Breakfast "Troy, where is your mommy?"
Troy- In heaven
Troy- Because she was sick and died

Lunch- "Troy, where is your Dad?"
Troy- In heaven too
Troy- He was sick and died too
Troy- (turning the downer around) BUT I have a doggie and three kitties and my doggies name is Yogi"
"Ohhhh (Excited) That's a funny name"

Who knows what tomorrow brings...

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Thany said...

I think this is one of my favoire things you blog about. And I soo wish you were Nate's lunch lady.