Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Ten On Tuesday - Winter

I Love Winter, We get some, I could do with more. But then I am a total weather wimp and if we had more I would be crying the blues.

1. Rain- I love it! The sound of it pounding outside makes me feel so safe.

2. Blankies- I am a lover of blankies of the plush microfleece variety. DON'T TOUCH MY BLANKIE!!!

3. Long Sleeved Jammies- My faves are my fleece bunny jammies with my thermal tee. Ahhhhh

4. Heater- Don't like turning it on for long but knowing you can if you need to is wonderful.

5. Hot Cocoa with Marshmallows- I love trying different varieties and love Starbucks. You know my friend Kathy went to Paris just for a $15.00 cup of Cocoa?

6. Snow on the mountains- first the tips of the hills are covered but on days like today the snow is so bright the hills are solid white and the way the pure whiteness reflects makes you truly understand it when you read the God will make you white as snow.

7. Snow on the mountains when it goes all the way down to my neck of the woods. Makes me feel like I am in Colorado and not in Cali. Rocky Mountain High... California

8. Hail- Heard a funny line in a movie "Hail, what a pathetic form of precipitation" Made me giggle

9. Mary Jane Slipper Socks- I am a lover of the slipper sock but I could have a closet of slippers. LOVE EM!!!

10. Double Rainbows- I saw one was many years ago with baby Eric in the car and again yesterday with almost grown up Eric in the car. Rainbows are Gods miracles.

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