Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I am THIS close

Can you see me making a "Little Inch symbol" with my thumb and pointer finger...

I am THIS close... To never answering my home telephone again.

I have posted my number on whatever "Do not call" lists I have found and yet EVERY DAY I am called by.

The Republican National party- I have told you, I have made my donation, sorry it is not what you are wanting, I support my party with prayers which are honestly more valuable than any monetary donation I could give.

Cooking Light Magazine- I am simply not interested.

Intel Telemarketing- Steve filled out a form to win a car at the mall and brought us this fun daily caller.

The Blood Bank for Cameron- He no longer lives here for the ten millionth time!

Police or Fire department charities- These give you the major quilts but I stand firm. I am sorry but I make no over the phone donations TO ANYONE!!!!

Mortgage brokers from India- I have had a long standing hate hate relationship with these folks, whenever I ask for their information so I can take further action, the line goes dead.

Please know, caller Id keeps me from actually answering these repeat offenders calls, but I still have to get up and check the phone. Steve on the other hand if he answers the phone without his glasses on, he will not be able to read the caller ID and get into the web of calls. He should know better.