Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Thankful Tuesday- Gods small voice

Today I am thankful that God loves me and shows me. God is good

No Right Turn on Red

There is an intersection near our home that has a "no right turn on red" sign on it. It is just an ordinary intersection with no blind spots or anything to make it obvious why you can't turn right without the green light.

Because we are so used to following the rules of the road, driving becomes something we can do effortlessly while thinking of ten million other things at the same time. In this intersection, the sign is often ignored and therefore I have seen many people pulled over just south of the sign getting tickets.

So many times I have almost disobeyed this sign, I am driving, busy, have somewhere to go but for some reason whenever I reach this signal God reminds me in his small voice "Don't turn right against the red" sometimes the voice will even startle me, I will break, remember the sign and say "Thank you Lord, I really needed that reminder"

The other day Steve and I were in the car waiting to turn and Steve said "I have no idea why you can't turn here, it must be a trap" The man behind me was glaring at me like he was saying "Turn already" he wasn't honking, just glaring. Steve even said I should go but I said no, I will obey the sign and I will wait. Sure enough, as the light turned green and we turned a police car drove through the intersection, he was right next to us the whole time. Steve and I laughed and I thanked God for making me again aware of the sign.

My walk with God can become effortless and I can become too busy to remember to honor and obey him.

Lord, I am so grateful to you, thank you for loving me and showing me even in the small things.

Love, your Troysie

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