Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Rattled but not Rocked!

The past few months I have been addressing some health issues I have been having and one thing was to finally get my first mammogram a few weeks ago. Since I have no breast cancer on either side of my family history I was not too concerned about the test at all.

Thursday I got a letter in the mail saying I needed "additional imaging" I have never had any test of any kind come back any way but completely normal so this letter made me curious but not too nervous.

I had the best Mother's day ever, both of my wonderful sons, my amazing husband and beautiful daughter (in-law but you know I hate that word) all treated me like a truly loved and cherished queen. I am so blessed, I was also so happy to have a wonderful day because I now feel I am completely released from the heartache Mother's day has brought me from the loss of my mother. I am a true testimony that God restores your joy. I promise!

Monday I got the news that rattled me more that I can say, Thursday, I will have an ultrasound to explore questionable tissue on my right side. I can't feel a thing! What's up!!!

I am encouraged because I believe that my doctor would not have waited to send me a letter if there were true concerns, I believe I would have received an urgent call. I am also encouraged by my sister Penny who was of course one of the first people I called to cry on her shoulder and she told me she had the exact same issue. She really helped me get through my shakiness.

I know it is wrong to think this way, but I remember the Christmas just after my Mother In Law Trudy was diagnosed with lung cancer. She was not feeling too well and we all sat around wondering if it was our last Christmas as a full family and sure enough it was. I also remember a church friend who stood in front of me telling me of her breast cancer diagnosis, she looked fine, normal and yet within a year we were grieving for the loss of both of them.

Did I just have my best and last Mother's day? The thought is simply inconceivable. I am so far from done with this life, I need to get my Eric grown and I have to become a Grahamcracker! not to mention the tons of other stuff to do on my bucket list.!!

And yet it takes something like this to remind me that our lives can be over in an instant, you never know the hour you will leave this earth, weather it be sickness, or accident the truth is to make sure your eternity is secure.

Although I am not yet finished according to my terms, this recent diagnosis is just another thing I will encounter with my "It is what it is" kind of attitude, because I have faith of a child, unwavering and ironclad in can endure all things with him who strengthens me...

"My hope is built on nothing less

than Jesus' blood and righteousness...

On Christ the solid rock I stand

All other ground is sinking sand."

If you get a chance, please send your loving thoughts and prayers my way. I would really appreciate it.

Love ya



Pat Cole said...

Troy, I will be saying a prayer for you. You must not give us. Everything will be okay and you will have many more mothers days just as good as this one and even better. Keep your faith and know you will be okay. Pat Cole (Bobbie's sister, Tennessee)

Crayl said...

Oh Troy, that's a hard thing to face. But could be nothing at all! Could be a blurry spot, and they are just making sure. Keep your eyes on God.
Praying for you my friend.

Dena said...

praying for you, keep looking up, He's there, through it all. hugs to you.