Saturday, May 16, 2009

Roses and Really Bad Magazines

Sometimes I wonder why my life is such an open book. I wonder if I should have more secrets but God always reminds me that this is how I learn. I have very few secrets and if I have a trial I learn from it by sharing my experience with others.

I am always on the lookout for the lesson to be learned from every trial and so far in my current situation I am learning how much my friends love me and also how common questionable mammograms are in the world of womanhood. I felt so covered with prayers I found it hard to pray for myself. It was cool because I was at such ease I was available to pray and bless others. I felt like a light and I received many blessings.

Waiting room blessings:

1. I am now a true fan of Text Messaging. It was almost like my cousin Sydney was there in the room with me making hour long wait for them to call me almost as fun as the time I was with her on the bus ride home when her car was in the shop.

2. I really do like that show "Cash Cab" it is way better than watching Jerry Springer on the waiting room TV. I got a kick out of the people blurting out the answers from across the room.

After the initial waiting room I changed into my lovely ventilated hospital gown and was escorted to a room with eight other women who were all waiting for the same thing as I was.

Waiting room #2 blessings:

1.The fact that I was in the room with eight other women all waiting on the same thing put me at ease and reminded me of how common this secondary procedure is.

2. Put eight women together and of course they will begin talking. Thank you to the woman who has had questionable mammograms for 20 years, you made me and the other "newbie" loose our scared "deer in headlights" expressions feel better.

3. Thank you to the woman who is battling terminal intestinal cancer and has now been diagnosed with breast cancer and decided to take it in stride... You reminded me to cherish each day

4. To the woman sitting very quietly next to me reading the breast cancer booklet you recently received. A special prayer for you

5. To the young woman who decided to go for a mammogram after her mother's January diagnosis, you were very uplifting and I thank you.

6. To the comic relief of the day. This is a Women's waiting area and the only magazines available are "Golf" "Golf Digest" (as if one Golf magazine was not good enough) "Trailer News" (yes, there is actually a magazine by that name" And for the child in us, "ZooNooz" I guess that was to calm you down looking at the cute Meerkats on the cover. I decided the horrible magazines were actually set there to promote conversations for those waiting...

I was then taken into the ultrasound where the procedure began. I was almost positive they would not find anything. I even told the technician not to be surprised if you don't find anything because I am covered by grace. I am sorry but I giggled when I laid down on the table and saw a picture of roses taped to the ceiling. "Just look at the pretty picture"...

Ultrasound blessings:

1. Thank you Dee Dee and Nancy- Because of your inputs I knew exactly what was going to happen to me. They are putting together a detailed comparison file to go by in further years, makes total sense.

2. Thank you Kathy and Penny- You gave me such detailed descriptions of biopsies that I knew every step of what was to come next, even down to what the doctor was going to say "You will just feel a Bee Sting" Yeah Right!!!

3. I am thankful that I can find my happy place when I need to go there. "Doctor, please don't try to make small talk to me, I don't want to talk about my last vacation, I am just going to close my eyes and check out, Do what you gotta do" Bunnies, Kittens & smiley faces here I come...

4. I can find humor in all things. I swear the tool for the biopsy sounded just like a Potato Gun. If you don't know what it is, you dig the nozzle of the gun in a potato, draw out a portion of potato and use it as a pellet for your potato gun battle. Those pellets can sting so maybe thats why you dont see potato guns that much anymore, probably someone shot someones eye out. Hee Hee Hee I know one day the doctor will see a Potato gun and laugh cause I was totally right.

After the biopsy I had to have another mammogram.

2nd mammogram blessings:

1. Scriptural plaques on the walls encouraged me

2. This time there was pictures only NO SQUISHING!!! Yippee!!!

I will get the results in a week and although it is in the back of my mind I am cool.

"So I'm gonna lay it down
I'm gonna learn to trust you now..."

It is what it is...


Dena said...

saying a prayer for you

Crayl said...

I missed something somewhere that you needed more looking around. You and another blog friend Misty seem to be going through the same stuff. Rainydayinmay.

Praying for you my pink girly foofoo friend, with love.