Monday, May 25, 2009

Standard Procedure

Dear Kaiser,

I really wish that when a woman patient has her first Mammogram that you would provide her with a list of your Mammogram standard procedures.

Title it "Welcome to the world of Mammograms"

I really think it would be helpful to tell women that. We will call you if we see something alarming, otherwise if we see something that is not alarming but needs further review, you will receive a letter.

When and if you receive a second letter and need an ultrasound if they see something they will be doing a biopsy then and there, and a second mammogram. if a biopsy is done it is likely you will need a day off of work.

And most importantly Dear Kaiser, Please inform patients that if a biopsy is done ALL results will be explained to you by the surgical department.

Please remember this is an extremely unsettling time for a woman. To receive a call from the surgical department without any explanation makes you feel like you might as well go make funeral arrangements and expect the worst.

If it were just explained that this is "Standard Procedure" this experience would be better tolerated by everyone.

Troy Miller

PS. To all My dear friends... Thank you so much for your support and prayers during this difficult time I recently have been through. Because of all of your comments I was very well prepared for this experience and was a lot calmer. I was recently given a clean bill of health and will go back again in six months for a re-check. WHEWWWWWWW!!!

Again, thank you more than you know...

Love, Troysie

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Crayl said...

Oh Troy! I am so glad to hear you are okay! Yay God!