Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Trying A Little Pollyanna

I am crabby today, things just aren't going that great and I feel kind of blah and weary.

So I am taking pointers from good ol' Pollyanna and taking a stab at the "Glad Game"

1. I am crabby- Well, I am Glad I am not sick

2. My house is a mess- Well, I am Glad I have over an hour before I have to go to work, plenty of time to get it done

3. We never have enough money- Well, I am always Glad I am married to Steve and we live the life we do, even if it is paycheck to paycheck

4. I am Glad I got a new Pink Coffee cup, that has made my morning a little rosier

5. I am Glad that even though I have the front door open Yogi is quietly sleeping, the open door usually means my HOUND will be baying very soon.

6. I am Glad it is a nice overcast day, cool and lovely, birds singing, flowers blooming.

7. I am Glad my Son and Daughter in Love are coming over Thursday which is our 26th anniversary. Should be a fun day.

8. I am Glad School will be out in just three weeks, Sleep In Day!!!

9. I am Glad our friends asked us over for a Memorial Day BBQ. We are getting used to spending holidays alone,but it was WAY better to spend the day with friends swimming and visiting.

10. I am Glad to see Eric laugh and smile

Well, do I feel better... Yes

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Misty said...

that's what is most important...