Thursday, December 31, 2009

Troysie Tamales Part 2

Troysie Tamales part 2
Assembling the Tamales

I like the masa to be flavorful so I add a can of green enchilada sauce to it, I will be using the same masa for both kinds of tamales I am making tonight.

Cut the whole Ortega chilies into one inch strips and slice the cheese into generous portions about 3/4inch wide

You need a corn husk that is about 12inches wide, since there are not many husks this size you usually have to put two together, when you do this, overlap the husks two inches or so.
Spread about 1/4 cup masa in the center of the husk leaving about three inches on the bottom

Add the filling which in the case of the cheese was a piece of cheese and a chili, for the meat it is about 1/4 cup.

Roll the husk around the filling and fold up the end forming a pocket.

Put about 3 inches of water in the pot (mine has a water line) and place the tamales in the pot standing up. Soon your pot is filled and you are ready to steam for at least an hour on medium high heat.

You Can do it!!! Tamales!!!

My husband LOVES the chili and cheese tamales and is in pure heaven that he can eat all he wants... It is the ultimate make him feel special thing.

I have tried making Tamales to sell and it was way too much work for me, I have also tried making tamales with red sauce but I have not been able to duplicate Aunt Delia's so I gave up and make the Chili Verde version shown here.

Happy New Year and enjoy!