Sunday, November 2, 2014

Funeral Picture

A few years ago my best girlfriends Kathy, Dee Dee and I attended a funeral. It was a wonderful tribute to the one who passed but what we were impressed the most by was the gorgeous picture of the departed on the memorial pamphlet everyone received.

We all thought about it and wondered if we had a picture good enough to be our funeral picture...

Maybe it was because we were too young to think about our funerals, but we all decided we did not have a picture good enough to be our funeral picture...


Kathy is a world traveler and one time when she returned from a European Cruise she informed Dee Dee and I that she had taken her funeral picture... She showed us these amazing love filled portraits of her and her husband and seriously the most beautiful picture of her I had ever seen...

Funeral picture for Kathy... Check

As a lunch lady, every year I take a picture for each of the schools I work at some years I am silly and take my picture with my hair up in my hairnet (cause that's how the kids know me) and other years I give the picture a little more effort and take a more realistic picture with my hair nice and may even change out of my uniform.

This year, Picture day fell on my day off. I had taken a vacation day because my brother was in town from Ohio, so I had BOTH of my brothers over, they spent the night, had a great breakfast and we were headed out to have a fun day together. After losing our parents, we siblings have scattered all over so getting together is so special it makes my heart full of love and happiness.

I think it showed on my face because that day I took my funeral picture

I realized that A funeral picture weather it is a studio print or it or a candid shot should capture the essence of the one being remembered, A Love Filled picture, that's the key... Kathys funeral picture was taken with the one she she loves the most so naturally her picture was love filled, my heart was full of love from the thing I miss the most my family. Now I get it! That's why I Love these pictures so much...
My Dad

My Mom

My Aunt Irene

Funeral picture for Troysie... Check.

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