Wednesday, December 16, 2009

New and Improved

My 15 year old Eric has always had a little curl in his hair, but his gift from the puberty gods a year ago was what we call "A White Man Fro"

This is what I look at every day. He loves his long hair but we colored it black back in his "goth" stage and it was ruined, he had about four inches of black and the rest was his natural brown... Lovely, but he still loved his giant hair and I just kept purchasing every dry/damaged hair product I could find...

Sunday he said he was ready and wanted a hair cut. YOU BET I jumped on that wagon, called our friend Cindy and quickly made an appointment... He was excited to shock his friends, so he decided his haircut would be a secret.

Here we go!!!

First went the black ends


The pile was so huge you could have stuffed a pillow with it. Eric actually thought about it then decided that would be gross...

almost done, real men sit under hair dryers

Ta Da!!! The new and improved Eric... He said "I feel fifteen!"

Thanks Cindy!!!

He revealed his new haircut at school to rave reviews. It was a big step and we are really proud of him. He thinks he may grow it out again but this time no color. He really wants to donate his hair to Locks of Love...

Eric you rock!!!


Amy said...

looks great!! Still waiting for Connor to decide the same. He has the same hair do! (well previous hair do)

Thany said...

He looks AMAZING!! YAY!!

My life said...

Looks great!