Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Some Crafty Lovies

Years ago our friend Lucy took us with her to an ornament exchange that she had been attending for years in the hopes that our excellent craftiness (you know it) would inspire the other women to improve on their ornaments.

One year we got 20 amazing (you don't see me making the gag symbol sticking my finger in my mouth) ornaments including...

Strawberry basket snowflakes plastic covered with glitter!
Popsicle stick sleds (broken)
pine cone skiers (mine was missing an eye)
handmade sleds which were also hand painted by Junior. (Funny how the handmade sleds were the same ones our friend Jane got at Michael's)
But my favorite was the eyeglass lens (shaped like and eyeglass lens) with a Christmas card cut out glued to the back.

You know how ladies are, of course we made all over Juniors wonderful painting skills (refer to above gag symbol) and how easy it would be to glue the broken ornaments back together. We LOVED EVERYTHING!!!

Until we got back in the car and Dusty piped up... "Do you like ANY of this stuff?" We laughed so hard all the way home...

Then we decided to start our own craft exchange where we would give nice crafts to each other. We did it for a couple of years and really did bless each other with wonderful handmade items for our homes that we all still treasure. You can tell who was in the group cause we all have the same decorations in our homes, that craft group is a special memory in my life that makes me smile.

One year as a joke Lucy tied pipe cleaners to her old broken watches just to see our reactions, of course we were polite and accepted the watches, I took the one with the abalone heart band until she could finally stand it no longer and spilled the beans. That watch ornament has become our Christmas Pickle and is always one of the first to go on our tree.

Tuesday I went to Leigh Ann's for a little Christmas coffee, I walked in and admired her always lovely home (do you have a friend like that?) and I quickly noticed a beautiful ribbon tree on top of her fridge behind figurines. It was like I had craft radar. She said her mom had made it for her, my reaction was "What? She didn't tell us" (cause we always share craft ideas) Lucy walked in and had the same immediate reaction to the tree I did and we all decided we will go shopping for after Christmas sale ribbon to make the trees next year.

This morning I was in the middle of baking when my doorbell rang and it was my dear friend Gloria (Leigh Ann's mom) and SHE BROUGHT ME A TREE!!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!
I was so excited and kissed her so hard I almost nibbled her ear.

Funny, cause I was a little teary missing my mommy today and this was just the thing to get me out of my funk. I Love so much when I get an unexpected lovie, I will always treasure it and doesn't it just look wonderful next to my Mary Engelbreit Nativity.

Thanks Leigh Ann, Susan, and Dusty for sharing your mommies. You bless me so.

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Erin Bried said...

The story of your old ornament exchange had me laughing out loud. Thank you!