Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Ten On Tuesday December Week 1

December is HERE!!!!and I am already busy YIKES!!!

10 Wonderful fun things going on this week

1. Christmas Decorating- I love our decorations and all the wonderful memories that go with them.

2. Christmas BUNCO party!!!! Yippee!!! We get to reveal our secret pals!!! Bunco and getting together with these gals always refuels my happiness levels.

3. Cookie Baking- I feel the need, the need to knead...(not a very good rhyme but it'll do)

4. Baby Shower preparations- Gotta put 60 pacifiers on 60 necklaces... who has more fun than me Hee Hee Hee (you know I love doing the games!!!)

5. Shopping for gifts- Gonna hit the dollar store for this

6. Cooking for a crowd- Looking for just the right recipes...Easy but yummy

7. Game Night Christmas Party- BINGO!!! It will be so much fun and I am so very blessed by my friend Sylvia who gave me all the goodies

8. Sewing- Baby shower gift and costume YIKES!!!

9. Baby shower for a great couple... Excited!!!

10.Fezziwigs Christmas Party!!! Steve and I will look so 19th century

And this is just week one!!!!

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