Monday, November 9, 2009

Yeah, I read that...

Sometimes I wonder if Blogging online ruins conversations in the "Real" world.

Troy-"I had so much fun with you at the wedding Saturday, man I just hate how pushy downhill drivers can be"

Friend-"I know, I read on your blog that you got car sick when you were driving"

Troy- " I hate these Velcro shoes"

Friend-"I know, I read your blog"

Friend- "Still baking?"

Friend- "I have a cookie recipe for you, everyone says mine are the best"

I almost wonder if I should keep a reader list so I know who I can "actually" talk to...

But then I am reminded why I blog...

Friend- "Troy, I am having a biopsy and second mammogram and I wanted to talk to you about your experience"

Later when friend turns out to be fine- "Troy, you helped me so much"

Glad they are reading...

Love you bunches...

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