Friday, November 20, 2009

For the love of Mustard

I'll bet you think this post will be about the condiment... Nope... The color.

My friends teenage daughter has the perfect Mustard colored purse, not too big, not too small and fits over her shoulder perfectly... Secretly,(I guess not too secretly cause I tell her all the time I love her purse} I was wishing she would ease my pain and give me the purse but it is not to be, she still wears it and I still love it.

To try to ease my pain I have purchased a couple mustard colored purses, the first was a cheap one that once I got it home I realized my mistake because it was French's and not the desired Grey Poupon color, so it went to straight to the donation pile (cause the store was too far away for me to return it plus it was super duper cheap).
The second was a better buy, the right color but a little too large for me and was described by some as "My suitcase". The suitcase has served me well for the past few months and the plan was to replace it as soon as I can find an animal print that suits my fancy... Until today.

I have done it before, and I did it again today, someone admired my purse and I got a bag, put my stuff in it and gave the purse away there on the spot.

This is the fourth time I have done this and today's recipient was a perfect stranger, the receptionist at my doctors office. She admired the purse, went on to tell me how she has been looking for one just that color and that was all it took. I went to my car which was parked really far away and got one of my trusty grocery bags (my love of the recyclable grocery bag will be another blog)put my stuff in it and went back into the office and gave it to her.

It took some nerve on my part because I was going to bless a stranger and wasn't sure how it would go over but I asked God "If this is what you want me to do I will, but you better give me a good parking spot near the door so I can run in and out". Sure enough a spot was open right in front and that was all the pushing I needed.I went in and had to wait in line for her for a minute then I told her "Please don't think this is strange, I have done this before and I just wanted to bless you with this purse, I hope you enjoy it" She was thrilled and said this was such a God thing. I agreed and ran out of there as fast as I could.

THEN I remembered I had to go to the grocery store and all my stuff was in a bag, I was a total bag lady!!! I dug around and found the most purse like of my bags, went in the store and made no excuses when I pulled my wallet out of my Trader Joe's leather looking grocery bag. (It does look like leather)

Like I have said before, don't compliment my purse unless you want to take it home...

Sorry, this does not apply to my Brighton purses so don't even try...

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