Sunday, November 1, 2009

The subject for the month...

Since everyone enjoyed my adventures with the Gopher (which is gone if you didn't know) This month's subject... Mice diaries...

First of all... Our FIVE cats will immediately be going on an all liquid diet! How dare they allow vermin to enter our house! But just as I was doing dishes one ran right across my sink and behind the stove...Scream you may ask... Yes I did thank you very much... Heart attack you may ask... Yes I did thank you very much.

First call
Troy "Cameron what mouse trap works best?"
Cameron- "Cats"
Troy- " I guess I am off to the hardware store"

Second call
Troy " Lucy,I have a mouse!!!"
Lucy " Well, how will you get the mouse to figure out to get out of the house?"
Troy" Didn't think the mouse would go out of the house by any other way than funeral"
Lucy "Good luck with that one Ewwww"

Off to the hardware store... New LAW in the Millers house... No Screen door open at night EVER!!!!!

The Saga continues...

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