Monday, November 16, 2009


My husband is the worlds sweetest man BUT he is also the world's most competitive man when it comes to board games.

Ask anyone in our family or at our church and they will back me up on that one. This guy agonizes (and you should see his agony) over making the simplest of decisions. (like in liars dice)

Needless to say he is a bad loser. We went to couples Bunco which is to me just a fun night out. After we finished I was chatting with my girlfriends and he was all in a huff and wanted to leave NOW!!!. When we got in the car I asked if he was sick cause he made us leave so quickly and his response was..." I DIDN'T WIN!!!" Come on!!!IT WAS BUNCO!!! I have played for years and I hardly ever win!!!

On the other hand,He is a bad gloater when it comes to winning and after awhile his hearty laugh turns into something you hear from a Batman Villain. Hee Hee Hee Hee Hee Hee Hee Hee Hee

For "Quality time" We tried to do the "Family game night" thing but it would always end up with a boy leaving the table in tears, and FORGET Monopoly, The dude has memorized EVERY (and I mean Every) property value amount up to hotel on the board.

Steve recently got a new game... Star Wars Risk, he has mulled over the directions for days and days, he knows every rule, all he talks about is Star Wars Risk. He is DYING to play and I simply refuse...

He then turns his attentions to poor helpless Eric and has now become someone kind of like Patrick Swayze in Ghost when he sings "I'm Henry the Eighth I am" over and over to Whoopi Goldberg. This is what conversation in our house is like... Troy "Steve would you like a cup of coffee?" Steve- "A cup of coffee would go great with a game of Star Wars Risk"

Eric "I am taking the dog for a walk" Steve "Great and afterwards we can play Star Wars Risk"

Arrrrrrggggg!!! I can't take it anymore!!! I do feel like a monster but I know I can not give him the dream game of Risk he longs for because frankly I play Risk to die and be done and if we let him win... well, then he did not get the true victory of the kill and world domination so actually, we are doing him a favor...

PLEEEESSSEEEE Have Mercy on us and play Risk with Steve.

Eric and Troy (Yogi doesn't care)

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