Thursday, November 26, 2009


I can't believe it has been 15 years since our little Eric was born. 15 years ago when I was just about nine months pregnant I developed a hernia in my belly button that was incredibly painful. I am so thankful Penny was with me when I had my surgery, she cared for me and made me feel like mom was there holding my hand because our mother was too ill to actually be there with me.

I woke up from my surgery feeling like I had a c-section but I was still pregnant I wanted to die but I am thankful my doctor called me and re-assured me that I would still be able to try for a v-bac delivery I wanted so badly.

I am thankful for the amazing Thanksgiving dinner my sister prepared, she seriously makes the best dinner, she has a way with seasonings that makes you groan with yumminess it really perked up my spirits...

I am thankful that the next morning (not two weeks later) when my water broke it was no big deal, I didnt need a new mattress or use that jar of pickles people told me to carry around and smash on the ground if my water broke in public. I definitely knew what was going on and soon we were in the hospital getting going on the long haul of an adventure that was ahead for us.

I am thankful that my doctor understood my fear and stayed over on her shift to care for me and get me started on my labor when other doctors just wanted to schedule a c-section.

I am thankful for Steve's calmness, he was a trooper and helped to calm me down when those pangs started.

One of the things I am seriously most thankful for is that God put it on my friend Susan's heart to come visit me in the labor room, I ended up needing more support and she was there for me. I will never be more grateful to anyone than I am to her for that amazing act of friendship.

I am thankful for epidurals, once I finally got mine we all were able to rest and gear up for the home stretch of our adventure.

I will never be as excited as when the doctor checked me and said I was fully dilated, I never got past 4 with Cam so the thought that my body was working and we were going to do this was so wonderful.

Sorry, but I am NOT thankful I had to push for two hours... that part stank.

But I am thankful that I was able to concentrate when I needed to and rest when I needed to. I was a baby birthing machine and it was awesome.

I am so thankful my baby was so perfect when he was born he was a 10 and so beautiful.

I am thankful they hospital kept Eric in the room with us the entire time cause we would have wondered if he was ours cause he was such a brown little bean.

I am thankful Lord that you made Eric brown, because without that Mom would have never gotten to see one "Her Color"

I am so thankful for the experience a vaginal birth after c-section because I get to share this testimony and encourage others to go for it if they want or don't if they want, either way is fine.

And I thank Carol and Susan for bring me Turkey left overs and making me feel so lovied.

I am thankful my Eric is having his birthday on Thanksgiving, my heart could not be more full and happy. Today we get to share the love of our family and the blessings this child has brought all of us.

We are thankful indeed.

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