Saturday, November 14, 2009

I Farm, therefore... I am...

"You Farm?"
What is farming you may ask, it is a game you play on Facebook.
"What is Facebook?"
Facebook is an online location you go to and catch up with friends, they post stuff about what they are doing and it is a really fun way to keep in touch.
Why you may ask? Well... Because...

I enjoy keeping in touch with my friends and family and this is a way to do it when I am free. I post when I can and they read when they can. It is fun.

One night when we were out Cameron and Beka told me I have to farm. I noticed I had been getting little notices on facebook telling me I had "gifts" from my friends for my farm.

I started my farm with a few plantings which turned into plots, animals were added which turned into pens, trees were added which became orchards.

I was a farmer.

My friends asked me about farming and soon they were also farming. We all caught the bug.

We are official addicts and have even gone on utube to learn to create advanced landscapes like waterfalls and elevations... Our farms rock!

Now I have a new farm on another game, this farm is done in all pink in tribute for my love of all things pinkness.

Tried to add a third farming game but realized I was at maximum capacity farming and gave it up.

I laugh at myself when I am out and check my watch and think how much more time I have before my grapes are going to be ready.

I was sad when I failed and my pumpkins withered.

Anyways, it is fun, I love it, and I farm...

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