Friday, November 27, 2009

A Beautiful day

Today was a beautiful day, very warm and clear, perfect California weather.

Tonight while I was watching TV I heard a strange noise outside, opened the door and sure enough, my ears did not fail me... Rain...

Soon we were all cozy listening to the rain and loving every minute of it.

Eric looked outside and said

"The rain looks so great I really want to go jump on the trampoline"

"Go for it" I said and he did...

Reminds me of a little boy I once knew and one of my first stories, can't believe it was five years ago...

Running Down the Hill

My 10 year old son Eric and I went to my other sons late night baseball game at a park we have never been to before. This park was very hilly and beautiful. It was a really cold evening and we could bear it no longer on the bleachers so Eric and I went to warm up in the car. I was watching the game and Eric grew tired. He said he was going to sleep and lay down. He perked up and looked out like he saw something and said before I go to sleep I just have to run over the hills without my shoes on and with that he got out and ran down the hill. He came back up winded, and said he had to do it again. After a few more runs he needed to roll down the hill. He rolled and rolled until he was dizzy. He was so elated with his rolling he forgot he was tired.
It just makes me praise God so much when my kids do stuff like this. I was so concentrating on my being cold I forgot to notice the beautiful hills in the park. Eric opened my eyes and man they really were irresistible hills. I know you know just what I am talking about. Remember the hill you couldn't resist rolling down? I sure do, it was the hill in our neighbors The Bullocks front yard.
Remember to roll down the hills in life…Better yet, take your shoes off and feel the cool grass between your toes. Love life!

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