Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Day In the Life...

I have realized that my vacation is seriously cramping our dogs style...

A Day in the life of Yogi Miller

Good Morning!!!

Finish your shower so we can play. I love our morning wrestling even if you involve the cat...

Next person finish your shower so I can get my second dose of morning attention.

Black Cat!!!

Everyone gets a good cold nose greeting just to let you know I love ya...

Excuse me! My breakfast has not been made yet! Do I have to honestly ask you??

Don't forget to put my favorite moist food packet on top and don't break it up too much. Yes kitty you may take a drink from my water bowl.

White Cat!!!

Excuse me while I go outside for some unmentionables... Be right back.

Ok...Now how about some more attention before you go to work

Love you daddy, I want to cry but I will hold it in cause I'm a big boy now... Bye!!!

Bye Eric love you...

What's up Mom you haven't gotten your goodbyes yet! Oh well on to my day

Grey Cat!!!

Ahhhhh Who's forbidden bed will I sleep in first... Yes.. Moms side is always the best. Hmmm she's here so I will pass on that one.

Eric's bottom bunk Ahhhh I love this spot cause I can stick my nose out of the curtain and see what is going on. I am the guardian of this house...

Now to Dad's bed Ahhhhh

Mom isn't looking her bed is the best Ahhhhh

What's that noise? The Vacuum? I have to check this out

Why are you home!!! Don't you realize this is MY time???

Well if you insist I will take a bone, What? I have to take it outside!!

Bone VS Outside? The desire for the bone outweighs my desire for moms bed...

Striped Cat!!!!

The new couch is getting broken in just fine and smells good, I have decided on my spot and my arm rests nicely on the side.

What get down?? Why are you here anyways???

OK, I will sleep on my bed... Not as nice as yours but it will do.

Where you going? Don't leave me I will cry... NOT!!

Eric's home!!! Come on say the W word, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on...

"Mom, gonna take Yogi for a walk"

"Yogi want to go for a walkie???"

Walkie walkie walkie walkie...

OK I won't pull you but you know I have places to go and things to do.

Man, I am tired... Oh where to sleep...


Wrestling, playing, walking, dinner... Life is sweet...

Wait, why is everyone going to bed? I was just getting started.

The all night barking chain awaits...Commander Chihuahua who can see the street report.

All is well...

Orange Cat!!!

I will relay the message...

Sargent down the street how is it on your end?

Great, I will relay the message...

What? another message Commander, I will relay

Nice calm night I have only had to relay 40 or so messages

Hi daddy you want me to come? OK want to play?

NOOOOOOOOO Don't lock me in I have important work to do!!!

I am going to cry and see if that works for a release... No good

Oh well, I think I will defy gravity and climb on the kitchen table to see if I can somehow reach that cat food... Crash!!! Oops!!! No, you don't see a Basset Hound on top of the table... Must be a cat.

Another busy day...Now, Which bed to sleep in...

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