Sunday, November 22, 2009

Make me a CD

I will never forget the hours I spent going over the cover of Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, memorizing all of the words and listening to my beloved Elton John's music. Actually it was Sterling's record and thankfully he shared otherwise our choice was Glen Campbell or Jesus Christ Superstar (I know all the words to those too)

Sterling had "cool" music and whatever he loved, we loved.

Flash forward several years past cassettes and records to CD's, I built a lovely collection and stored them in my cute little house shaped cabinet.


Cam asked for his first Ipod. I hate technology and I hate buying technology that will go out of date in a few months and costs a fortune so I resisted and I did research on Mp3 players and decided to get him an Ipod.

He was thrilled and I was amazed that I could actually use the system, I imported all of my music onto our computer and before I knew it, our stereo was a dinosaur sitting on our shelf collecting dust.

I love mixing my own CD's for my car, It is so cool to not worry about a thing when your CD gets scratched or broken cause it can easily be replaced.

I also like making CD's for friends and I LOVE when they make me CD's

My friend recently gave me a CD of all fun songs from High School, when I first played it in my car I seriously felt myself "Sailing" back in time to the music of Christopher Cross... That CD was a total hit with my girlfriends who begged for their own copies. We decided we would exchange CD's and that was when I found out my cousin is a closed Biker Chick. Her CD was all oldie rock and roll and so much fun.

Last week my friend who is a dancer gave me a CD of such beautiful music I could just envision her dancing to the beautiful melodies. Thanks pal.

Ster, it's been a long time since you have sent me some "Cool" music.

Hey anyone...Send me a CD... I would LOVE it!

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