Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

Ten things I just don't get...(In no particular order except for #10)

1. The cat has left you alone all day but as soon as you open a book or magazine they sit right on top of it.

2. How do cats know exactly which one key to press that closes down your computer. (I think babies know which key to push too)

3. Why does my dog look at me like I should understand him?

4. Why is the quiet different in your house when your kids are at school than when they are away at camp. One quiet is great and the other lonely

5. Why does something as simple as a Red Starbucks cup completely change my attitude?

6. How listening to politics and people arguing (I mean discussing) can be so entertaining to my husband

7. Why are lunches made by mom better tasting than the same lunch made while the mom gets to sleep in?

8. Why is the coffee made by mom better tasting than the same coffee made by the hubby while the mom sleeps in?

9. I can never be cured from my love of purses, even if I got the most expensive diamond encrusted purse, my eyes would still stray.

10. And something I will NEVER truly get... Why in the world would my mother allow her daughter to be named Troy!!! Did she not know pouting always gets you what you want?

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