Saturday, November 7, 2009

Motion Emotion

Let's face it, I am Plagued by Motion sickness, always have. I know, my brothers and sisters just thought I was being a drama princess (I was too young to be a queen yet)because I always HAD to have a window seat in the giant 1970 Pontiac Safari, I remember DYING (partly drama princess) on our long drives to San Jose because I had to have AIRRRRRRR...

Really, I was being tortured by horrible motion sickness.

Now I have gotten so bad I must take Dramamine any time I go to an amusement park or even on a short 45 minute drive. My friends and family are so good to me and always give me the front seat but for the most part, I drive.

Today we went to Crestline for a wedding, Crestline is a short 40 minute drive into the mountains and is normally quick enough to get through without pulling over to hurl.

The wedding was lovely but I was dreading the drive home. This has never happened before but even with my driving I was still seriously ill when I got home. I thought driving was supposed to keep you from getting ill so I wonder if this is a new chapter in my motion sickness life.

Oh the joy

Please don't ask me to sit on that swing with you...

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