Sunday, November 1, 2009

Well Here I go...

Today is November 1st the first day of my annual blogging month called NaBloPoMo (National Blogging Posting Month) This is my fourth year posting and it is a challenge but so much fun. Luckily for me, I am also on vacation so this comes at a great time for me. Hope you enjoy this months journey.

Halloween Parade

Because I work part time I am not always in the loop of things going on at the school sites and Friday I missed out on some extra fun because of it.

At my breakfast school I noticed my boss was wearing a silky shirt over her work clothes, I thought "That's a funny jacket" Then I realized it was Pajama day! Oh I get it! What fun for the kids to come to school in jammies. (although for some teens jammies are daily wear, don't get that fashion trend)I so would have worn a jammie shirt, wahhh.

When I got to my lunch school I saw costumes EVERYWHERE!!! What school is this? We used to have a wonderful Halloween parade every year, the kids would be so happy and even little Eric got to join in on big brothers fun day. Cams teacher and I still recall baby Eric completely in love with the girls in Cams class and how he followed them around during the parade.

For me, that day and that parade had special meaning, it was the day I realized I was indeed a homemaker. The most popular day to request off from my employer was not Christmas or Thanksgiving... It was Halloween. Of course the ones with the most seniority got the day off so I was always scrambling to get the boys in their costumes and on their way, we had to cram pumpkin carving and baking pumpkin seeds into little bits of "quality" time and a great time would be when I could make popcorn balls as well.If by miracle I did get the day off there would always be a stack of people who had been inconvenienced by my absence so was a day off really worth it? oh well...

That day I was with my boys at the Halloween Carnival, while watching the kids so happy and helping out at the class party I realized it, I was off of work! I was home, the pumpkins had been carved, the seeds roasted, the cookies baked and the popcorn balls made, no one was going to be angry because I was not available... I was a homemaker. There on the playground at Hemlock school I started crying, my dream had come true, I was home with my boys... It was a wonderful day...

I know all about the origins of the holiday yada yada yada. We have to live in this world, not be OF it. We dissected this moral issue, discussed it with our sons and realized this day to our family is all about fun, costumes, and candy. Our home is always open on Halloween and always will. We are a Trick Or Treating Halloween loving family.

The happiness level at both schools today was increased and I had to thank the principal, it was a good, fun and Blessed Halloween. I just wish I knew so I could have worn my Top Chef costume... I was so cute!

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