Saturday, November 8, 2008

Doggie Park Anyone

Ok, you did not make coffee, feed me and put your uniform on.


Yes, you may go out to breakfast, but I will be waiting...

1 hour TIME TO GO!!!

1 1/2 hours NOW I AM GETTING UPSET!!! (The whining begins)

2 hours YOU ARE TAKING WAY TOO LONG!!! (Now we are pacing, whining, and whimpering)

2 1/2 hours I AM WAITING!!!! (Hysterical is all I can say, he has gone to every room in the house to complain to everyone in ear shot,waking Eric)

Eric- What's up with the dog?

Mom- Dad is not back from breakfast yet.

Eric- Oh (We all know what Daddy is doing... Scratchers, the man can play scratchers for HOURS!!)

FINALLY, Daddy comes home, He is greeted by a very unhappy doggie who had to say his peace before allowing his collar to be put on. After Steve got his doggie lecture, they were off.

Ahhhhh Peace and quiet

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