Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Just when I think

Just when I think I am about as blessed as a Woman can possibly be I have a birthday like the one today.

Or should I say a birth-Days. First of all, my dear cousin Sydney came over Saturday and we went shopping to my favorite Brighton store. Syd bought me the most beautiful bracelet and I scored big time thanks to my dear hubby's generous budget.

Syd and I went to the Crate and Barrel outlet and bought matching glasses. They are cute lemonade glasses embossed with lemons on them, I told her that each time we drink from the glasses we are to pretend we are drinking together. I know it is kind of a sappy thing, but I have done it before when a friend moves, I buy her a coffee cup in my dish pattern Mikasa English Garden, I have told the guys the glasses are mine alone to drink out of... Off Limits!

Last night Steve surprised me and told me he took the day off. Sorry dude, I have plans. (He didnt mind cause that gave him more time to spend with Yogi), but I was going to my girlfriends to make CRAFTS!!! Gosh that was fun! We made some fun things and some not so fun things... I have decided I am not a fan of rubber stamping. I feel now like Christmas is coming.

I really wanted to spend the evening with family and friends so I decided to cook my own dinner and it was fun, almost everyone came and I had a great talk with my brother who couldn't make it.

We played some games and laughed, just what I love doing.

But none of this compares to the biggest blessing of all, My dear friend Emmy delivered a beautiful healthy baby girl today.

I will never forget my mother's words when I told her a co-worker's baby was born on my birthday. "She will be a wonderful woman just like you"

So today, Baby Victoria or VicTROYia as I will privately call her, I sing to you my special birthday song my mother used to sing for me.

Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday
Just for you...
Happy Birthday
And May All
Your Dreams
Come True...
When you blow out
The Candles,
One may Stay aglow,
It's the Sunshine
Of your Smile,
Wherever you go...

AND I am STILL going out again TOMORROW!!!

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Crayl said...

I am so happy to hear that you had such a wonderful Birthday!