Saturday, November 29, 2008

You should make soup with that...

I LOVE cooking the Thanksgiving meal, I always cook the weekend after the holiday cause Steve just has a need for more left overs. Yesterday, I made the meal just for us so I wont have to cook all weekend. I like when I do that cause frankly, I cook most nights and I like a day off.

One thing I do not like to do however is make soup from the turkey carcass. I really hate dealing with bones, you can ask my sister, I have NEVER cut up a chicken as a matter of fact I have only purchased a whole chicken once in my entire 25 years of marriage.

Now I will make a soup from a ham bone but to me turkey bones are just EWWWWW. When you get everything all boiled down and strained there always seems to be a bone or two that gets through and it must be a murphy's law but that bone will always end up in my bowl.

My aversion to bones might have come from my mother cause I think my brother has the same dislike of anything with bones in it cause he mentioned her chicken bones in food this weekend. Our mom LOVED bones, she loved gnawing on them I used to kidd and tell her you can tell she was the
7th of nine kids cause all she would get is the bones, a lot of her cooking especially her chicken dishes came with the bones and although she was a great cook, again all I can say is EWWWWW

So, today, this turkey is trash bound...


Missy Shell said...

Ha. That's funny.

I got the bones and everything going for soup this morning. I thought that turkey soup was something that AC really liked.

Turns out, he doesn't. None of us really do.

So, I shut everything off, put it in the trash and put on a pot of coffee to get rid of the turkey smell!

Thany said...

We made soup from our turkey bones and it was okay. Now I have a ham bone in the fridge and need a good recipe....can ya help a friend out? :)