Monday, November 3, 2008

I'm just too cute

I have voiced my opinion about the one thing my Kitchen lady job does not allow and that is nails.

I guess someone served up an acrylic nail in some mashed potatoes and ruined it for all of us...

When I am on vacation I love to indulge my girly love for all things nail-y (Troy Word) I love to try new polishes cause like lip stick and gloss, I am always in search for the perfect nail color.

A couple of weeks ago when I was on ladies retreat one of my well manicured friends revealed the secret for her lovely nails. Broadway nail tips. I have seen full nails in the store before but never thought of going there. I mean come on, all I can think of is Lee Press On Nails and how they popped off right after you put them on. All the gals in my friends room got nails and were walking around all weekend with model hands. I have to admit I was intrigued, especially with the $5.00 price tag. But my being an out of practice manicurist remembered that because I have small nails I used to have trouble fitting myself with nail tips, But guess what? They have tons of sizes and I found just the right ones for me! Hee hee Hee.

I showed up to church wearing my new nails and feeling oh so cute when I noticed my pastors wife was also now well manicured.

We got a good laugh and the nails claim to have 10 day wear so we will see... I'm just too cute...

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