Friday, November 28, 2008

Was it Black Friday?

As usual, I did my research, Target first, then Michael's, Then Penney's, Then Macy's. All before 1:00

Had an extra late night so I was in no shape to get started any earlier than 9:00am. I know, I know, For Black Friday shoppers 9:00 am is like crunch time so I had no choice... Eliminate stores.

Got to Target at 9:30 expecting hordes of people but instead I pulled right into an already empty slot three spaces from the door (without stalking store exiters),I entered the store and found a shopping cart (my head is spinning)Everything on my list was exactly where you would find it on the aisle and was clearly marked (my head was still in a fog) A store clerk approached ME and asked to help me and even found exactly what I was wanting and later brought the item to me elsewhere in the store.(went to the manager about that service) There were tons of $3.98 DVDS and as I approached the checkout a woman said "Are you ready, I will take you here" (NO WAITING!!!)

Now I don't know if getting to the store late or the economy made the difference, but I ended up with pretty much the same experience in every store I went to.

All in all I would say it was one amazing day in the life of a shopper, all topped off with a red Starbucks cup.

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Missy Shell said...

WOW! I'm shocked! (But so happy that you found what you wanted without getting up at 4am!) :-)