Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Zippity Zapping

Oh How I love this song. I have it in both VHS and DVD versions, I am thankful for the memories I have of Cameron and I dancing around to this song by Carol King and written by my favorite Children's Author Maurice Sendak. Now I sing the song to the preschoolers and I intend to sing it to my Grand babies when I am a Gramcracker.

Alligators All Around

A- Alligators All Around
B- Bursting Balloons
C- Catching Colds
D- Doing Dishes
E- Entertaining Elephants
F- Forever Fooling
G- Getting Giggles
H- Having Headaches
I- Imitating Indians
J- Juggling Jellybeans
K- Keeping Kangaroos
L- Looking like Lions
M- Making Macaroni
N- Never Napping
O- Ordering Oatmeal
P- Pushing People
Q- Quite Quarrelsome
R- Riding Reindeer's
S- Shockingly Spoiled
T- Throwing Tantrums
U- Usually Upside Down
V- Very Vain
W- Wearing Wigs
X- Xing exes
Y- Yackity Yacking
Z- Zippity Zapping

Z- Things that make me thankful

1.Zeal- My enthusiasm for life

2.Zephyr- I love that song Ray of Light by Madonna, it makes me feel like flying.

3. Zoo- Who doesn't love the Zoo! But Come on... I don't want to see your Zebra photo.

4. Zillion- Along with million and Gazillion some of my pet words it is my zeal that makes me exaggerate

5. Zinger- Man I love comedians who can deliver a great one line zinger, Some day you must watch the Dick Van Dyke show

6. Zilch- How much I have accomplished today, What a wonderful quiet relaxing vacation day.

7.Still have four to go? Dictionary time... Zig Zag- My favorite sewing stitch, large or small, I love them all

8. Zing Zing Zing went my heartstrings Ahhh Love

9. Zymurgy- What's that you may ask? I have no idea, but I am thankful it is the last word in my dictionary.

And Lastly- When It comes to my God
10. Zealous is how I feel when I talk about you...

My Oh My what a Wonderful day...

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