Monday, November 24, 2008

Yes I am naturally blond

After much hoopla and hype from friends I decided to hike my TV bill by $5.99 and order a DVR.

The much anticipated new technology arrived and I decided I would learn all the ins and outs of the device.

When you were watching a program and recording it, the DVR worked wonderful. It also recorded every single episode of shows we chose without us wanting that. Yes, we wanted to see the Robot Chicken Star Wars episode, but we don't want every one of that sometimes distasteful show Ewww. Last week I noticed the DVR was recording Moesha. Ok who is the closet Moesha fan? No one checked it... But the worst of it all and the most frustrating was that under no circumstances can you watch one show and record another. "You are recording the Amazing Race, Do you want to delete, or continue?" I want to watch something else AND record... No go.

So the other day I could stand it no more, I called the satellite place, was transferred to the tech dept(not in India) who asked me to get up and explore my DVR's set up. God I hate that, I so hate fixing things but it always seems to be my job. My cousin says I should feel proud of myself when I fix electronics, but actually I just get mad.

When asked if maybe I got a bad DVR I was asked...

"Do you see an in and out port?"


"Well, that is what you need to operate the equipment, can you check the connections"

Feeling like a dumb blond

There is only a line into the "in" thingy nothing is attached to the second thingy (I know Thingy must be an electrical term)



"well, that's the problem, you need two cables for the machine to work, didnt the installer tell you that?"

obviously not. Maybe it was the 100 degree August weather that kept him from getting in my attic who knows...(Yes, we have been unhappy over three months)

So, today another installer is out, Yogi is barking and I am expecting grand things out of this DVR which now requires another hole to be drilled in my wall.

Will wonders never cease

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