Saturday, November 15, 2008

My New BFF

Today when I stood in line to meet my new pal Marie Osmond I felt like such a Marie Rookie, I arrived to our meeting empty handed, I did not have any dolls for her to sign or my own sharpie for her to use. I was surrounded by women who have seen her many times and are really her pals, because aside from the Donny and Marie show, I have not really seen her perform,

But perform she sure did and I recommend, that if you ever get an opportunity to meet her, you should, she is sweet, nice, charming, beautiful, friendly, witty, and all around wonderful.

At least that's what I could tell in the whole 5 seconds I got to stand near her.

Sorry ladies, no photos, it was just too quick and the one pic was a total blurr.

I will know better next time.


Thany said...

You did it!!
I am so glad you enjoyed yourself! What a fun experience.

My life said...

Well at least you had fun! :)