Saturday, November 22, 2008


I have not purchased toys for our sons in a long time so imagine my surprise when I decided to troll through the Toys R Us Catalog and saw that a dolly that goes potty is $49.99, In my books that's $50.00!!!! For A Doll! But that was nothing compared to the Hernia I got when I saw the price of a stuffed dinosaur you can ride on. I just had to call Eric over,

M- "How much do you think this dinosaur costs? It has electronic roar action and you can ride it"

E-"Well, It looks expensive so I will say $150.00"

M- "NO, $299.00!!!! FOR A TOY!!!"

Now don't get me wrong, I have spent way too much in the past for toys and electronic games and I have stood in line for hours for shipments of the hottest action figures to arrive,I got caught up in the frenzy of it all just like a lot of parents, but I learned my lesson a really long time ago when we spent over $50.00 for an all metal (had to be all metal) Tonka Fire Truck for Cam. We were so excited for him to come out Christmas morning to find his truck under the tree and in total shock when the thing went completely un-played with. I guess that eventually, the practically new truck sold for a buck at a garage sale or found its way into the donation pile, but give the kid a $5.00 action figure and some string and he was gone for hours. I still do like to get the boys an annual Nerf gun but even those have gotten way too expensive. I thought I would get the laser tag set for Cam and Beka, I think that might be a fun little game for newlyweds (Wink Wink) but the $50.00 price tag sent me spinning (and don't forget the batteries!!!).

Can you tell that I don't like toys that need expensive refill kits with the exception of Creepy Crawler goo bottles cause you can find them on clearance. I saw several "make your own spa creations" kits and a Cupcake decorating machine. I do remember mixing nail polishes as a girl so the spa kit might be a fun one and I would like to hope you could use dollar tree sundries for refills and I did love the Barbie head that I could braid the hair, but a Cupcake decorating machine for $29.99!!! Why not get tips, bags, sprinkles and frosting and bake with your child or even more fun, take a cake decorating class, I love when I see young girls leaning to cook and bake, it is almost becoming a lost art.( I just re-read that sentence and boy do I sound like an old codger)

I will never forget one of my greatest faux paus. I was discussing my dislike for gadgets and I said "What's with a Smore's Maker?" Now to me a little butane (refills needed) flame to roast marshmallows was such a waste of money, my friend agreed and our other friend sheepishly said "That's what I got you for Christmas" Yikes! Foot in mouth.

SOOO, If you have already purchased the $300.00 dinosaur or the cupcake decorator, I am sorry, this is just the opinion of a woman who's a TOY-TWEENER. My kids are too old for toys and no grand kids kids yet so the frenzy can start all over again.

I may still get the Nerf guns...

Merry Christmas

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