Thursday, November 6, 2008

Thankful Thursday -V-

Still catching Up!

I also have forgotten to quote Alligators all around! So I will catch up on that too.

T-Throwing tantrums
U-Usually Upside Down
V-Very Vain

10 V things I am greatful for

1. Visiting friends- I love calling people and visiting them for what I call "For no reason" When I call and say lets get together "For no reason" my friends love that!

2. Veteran's Day- For the obvious reason IT"S MY BIRTHDAY!!! I know I have said it before but It wasn't until I was about 7 did I realize we were not off of school because it was my birthday. My mommy said so and it made total sense to me.

3. Vacation- So far, this one has been WONDERFUL!!! I am a blessed woman.

4. Vision- I am greatful for it but wish mine was better.

5. Valentine- You're all I need, My Love, My Valentine... La La La

6. Vehicle- I just got blessed with a new one! Her name is Angel Baby and she is SWEET!!!

7. Verbiage- That is a $2.00 word I love to use. I love words.

8. Village- It takes one and I am so grateful to be part of one.

9. Vintage- I am all about the 50's, but feel old when people say Vintage

10. Victory- The sweet Victory of of having Jesus as my savior. I love you Lord.

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