Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thankful For Today Nov 26th

So, Tomorrow we will eat Turkey, but tonight I am making Udon noodle soup for today is Eric's Birthday and he gets to choose the menu.

14 years ago changed my life for the greater(not just better)
For today, Eric Miller was born. His delivery put me in the category of
those who have had successful V-Bac births. Yippee!!! I felt so great! It was definitely work, but well worth it and he was perfect.

I have said it so many times that if they had not kept him in the same room after his birth Steve and I would not have believed this beautiful brown baby was ours. Thus, my mom coined her famous phrase "Finally, one my color"

Eric, you proved that God is indeed in control of the children we receive, I was such a confident second time around mom and you changed all the rules.

You are the reason I am a homemaker, you are the reason our family is still in tact, but most of all, you are the reason our family serves God.

Your blessings are daily, and our trials are few.

You are the coolest 14 year old In our family!!!

Happy Birthday to you...

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