Sunday, November 9, 2008

Wedding Day

Just two months ago I ended a month long Blogging journey to my son's wedding day.

Two months! Can you believe it?

He was even sick, had to go to the doctors and get a prescription, all without me. He is better, the penicillin worked and I think he and I grew a little more. Him in independence and me in pride for my sons accomplishments.

Today, my DIL Beka's brother Chris will marry Nicole the love of his life. Steve and I are so happy and proud of Chris and Nicole and in a little way, we will share in the pride of her parents like we shared just two months ago when our children walked down the aisle.

God kept me strong at my sons wedding, but I am feeling really emotional today and I very well may lose it.

I am taking my vintage hankey from my SD pals for me and extra for Steve who just may be a bigger crier than I am.

Today, we will be honored and blessed.

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