Friday, November 7, 2008


Too Grateful It's Friday The catching up W version

W-Wearing Wigs

1. Wonderful World- The Louis Armstrong Version thank you very much
" I see skies of blue".... "The bright blessed days, the dark sacred nights... And I think to myself...What a wonderful world" OOOOOh Yeahhhh

2. Winter- My favorite season, I love scarves, gloves, coats, the whole thing. California style of course with little to no snow.

3. Where the Wild Things Are- My favorite Childrens book of all time. I even have a stuffed Max

4. Willow Tree Angels- I give them and I am still hoping to get one.

5. Water- I am picky, I love purified water and not mineral, Eric is the same as I am and Cam loves Mineral...Go figure

6. Warmth- I prefer it over being cold, I love slippers and blankies Ahhhh

7. Weary- About as depressed as I get and I am grateful I can stop there.

8. Waffles- I love them hot off of the griddle, and as a cone for my ice cream

9. Wagging tails- I love my Yogi Bear

10.Worship- What I do and how I feel about Jesus

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