Monday, November 10, 2008

Just plain not right

Once my brother and I went to A & W for a Root Beer float and they said
"Sorry, we are out of Root Beer" It simply blew our mind.Well, today was kind of like that.

I decided I want to cook my own birthday dinner because I believe I have mastered the Chicken Tortilla casserole. I will be making a meatless version and Nachos for the kids, I am excited and have invited some friends to come over. I am looking forward to it.

So Since I am making Mexican food, I decided to go to the Mexican Store Superior for my ingredients. They truly make the best tortilla chips around and I got my corn tortillas still warm straight out of the little Mexican ladies hands, you can't get better than that!

But, in my search for ingredients one came up short, of all things, The store did not have Ortega Green Chilies in a can. Come on, they had Jalapenos galore but not a green chili was to be found under any brand name. I am sorry but I simply did not believe the store clerk when he said they did not carry them. "How will you make chili Rellenos?" Not with a Jalapeno that's for sure! I went all the way to the store manager who confirmed that at the Mexican store they did not carry a Mexican food staple, the diced green chili.
I said to the gal, I guess my mother was too Americanized.

Ugh, off to another store


Missy Shell said...

How can they not have green chilis? They're a must for chicken tortilla cassarole!!!

Happy Birthday! (Is it actually today?)

Crayl said...

Tomorrow is the b-day, but in case I forget, HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!