Thursday, November 27, 2008

The First Thanksgiving

I was thinking back on the first Thanksgiving I prepared. Steve and I had only been married a couple of years and it was the first Thanksgiving in our new home so everyone wanted us to host the big day.

I had been cooking for many years but my sister Penny was the Turkey cooker in our family and honestly, I had been fine with that.

I checked and researched the most foolproof way to cook a Turkey, this was before Food Network, the Internet, Recipezaar or all the tricks I use now so mostly my investigation involved word of mouth.

I got lots of advise... Do this, don't do that, my head was spinning but one thing in common that most people said was that I pretty much cant go wrong cooking the Turkey in a roasting bag. My roasting decision had been made...

Luckily, for my November birthday I got all the serving stuff, platter from my brother and roaster from mom... I was set.

The big day arrived, I was nervous cause I still believe the art of cooking any meal is timing. The bird in the bag cooked quicker than expected throwing my sides timing off, but all in all, my meal was a success, and has been a success all these years until two years ago when my oven had just been repaired and I burnt the entire meal. I was having people over and we had to scrape through the burn to the edible portions. Embarasking...

Today we are going to a relatives and tomorrow I will cook for my family, I love trying new recipes and this year it will be a sweet potato casserole with streusel topping and I am going to try another brine for the turkey.

You live an learn

Be brave... Bold... Cook!!!

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