Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ten On Tuesday

Ten on Tuesday. Mix up

I am so thankful this time of year but I have already been through the alphabet so I decided to mix it up my style.

10 Things I am thankful for.This week...

A- Abundance- Although I feel like we are drowning, I know we have it all...

B- Babies and Birthdays- Babies are such a blessing, My friend Emmy just had an 11 lb baby on my birthday and I cant wait to meet her. Eric will be having his 14th birthday tomorrow Wow!!!

C-Crafts- I have been making bracelets and earrings like Crazy, Thank You Go for the gift of crafting so I can make a little extra moolah

D-Daisies- Our roses are fading, but our daisies are in full bloom.

E- Entertaining- Although we have a small house, we love having friends over

F- Family- Thanksgiving is my favorite Holiday, we take it easy and have tons of fun.

G- Gifts- Physical and Spiritual, Both are amazing blessings

H- Home- We love ours, it is a take your shoes off kind of place

I- I Love- November Blogging and all the blessings that come from reading all my friends thoughts during this month.