Friday, September 19, 2008

Blogging Bottle Friday

Blogging Bottle Friday

Last week I got a friend request from an advertiser called A Journal Jar.

Since I like to be friends with humans not jars I denied the request but I checked out the jars. So what is a journal jar you may ask? It is a cute decorated jar with tons of random journaling ideas and questions inside. You are supposed to pull a one strip of paper from the jar and write away.

I think I will make some for friends cause any time I get to decorate spaghetti sauce jars I am there!

BUT, for my media, I choose to write on my computer blog instead of a journal book so I got a cool bottle and put my questions in there I will call it my Blogging Bottle and I will pose a question every Friday and I encourage you to write away as well.


Love you Bunches,


Today the Blogging Bottle asks...

Do you remember your childhood Fantasy?

Of Course I remember my childhood fantasy. First, foremost, and as long as I can remember, I Fantasized about being a Princess.

I dreamed of living in a castle and wearing large ornate dresses. Pearls, Diamonds, the more sparkling the better all hand made by my ladies in waiting and all with matching or Magenta shoes...

Of course no princess would be complete without a Tiara. Oh the dream of wearing a Tiara. I remember how jealous I was of my cousin Annie when she made her first holy communion because she wore a veil with a Tiara. That was as close and I ever came to seeing a princess. On to my fantasy, Of course there would be Horses in my golden stables, my castle would have the most beautiful flowers ever surrounding the Moat. You say Moat? Of course there would be a Moat. How else would I keep my little sister Penny out of my fantasy?

I guess my fantasy Princess could have just been an only child, but what fun would that be?

Join me and blog...

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My life said...

Ahh. I love the princess fantasy : )