Thursday, September 4, 2008

From The Archives

When Cameron and Beka were dating in High School, I was so proud of them, I saw them making a concious effort to keep God in the center of their relationship helping them to remain faithful to their vows of purity, I was always a Cam and Beka supporter even in the most difficult times when they were apart. Here is a poem I wrote to them in 2006. God Still has a plan.

God Has A Plan

The excitement of a new friendship.

So much in common, hours of amazing conversation.

Sparks were there, but God had a plan

Two mothers meeting, chatting, wondering

Ever Fearful of their babies’ young hearts.

Love came and the Moms said "Why Not?"

"Best Friends"was the answer, but, God had a plan.

Two teens in a friendship so loving and dear

Wondering, thinking, dreaming of Love too.

Talking, mentoring, crying, and praying.

But God had a plan.

One year later, with a friendship going strong.

Love could no longer wait,

A bold young man took a step.

A new couple was formed. God as the center. God had a plan.

Love filled conversations, dates, afternoons, nights.

Ever on each others minds.

Two moms pleased and proud of their children’s decisions

And regard for each other. God had a plan

A year of ups and downs but still going strong,

Full of love and commitment

Hopes, Dreams, Prayers.

Cam and Beka, God has a plan.
Happy Anniversary
Love, Mom

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Dena said...

Too sweet. Hey, why don't you post any pictures? I wanna see Cam & Beca. :o)