Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Deodorant Facial

Deodorant Facial- A Love Story

OK, since the show "Platinum Weddings" bums me out seeing all the extravagance when my sons wedding is on a literal shoe string, I decided to climb down the ladder and take a gander at the always entertaining "My Big Redneck Wedding".

On that show I have seen anything from them killing their own wild hog for the wedding dinner to mattress surfing as part of the reception activities. Redneck brides are cool though, They NEVER are afraid of getting dirty, mostly because their weddings usually involve mud and they never care about the weather, or their hair, they will get married in the rain no problem and don't mind at all if their guests get wet cause jeans and camouflage is the normal wedding attire.

Well, this version of Redneck wedding was the Ultimate Surprise union called "The Greatest Redneck Wedding Ever" The host Tom Arnold (who admitted he still is spending Roseanne's money) secretly followed the couple around as they made their wedding plans and took the event to Platinum Redneck proportions. For instance, the bride really wanted her dream Beer Can bridal arch and he had one made involving thousands of cans that was so colorful it looked like a parade float. Their other dream was to marry in the middle of the mud bog racing track while the race was going on...(makes my heart race just thinking about it) The owner didnt think it would be safe for some reason but good old Fairy Godfather Tom arranged it for them. Of course no dream redneck wedding would be complete without the guests all seated on actual toilets at the reception and the worlds largest beer slide. What fun!

All was set for the ceremony which was of course performed by Tom himself who had been ordained just for the occasion. The bride and groom were nervous as expected, and because of the recent rainfall,which was great for the mud, the humidity was at an all time high, so after fashioning her hair in a ponytail the bride began her beautification ritual including a deodorant facial. You heard me right, she slathered her face with a deodorant stick and said in the mirror, "This better work, or I am going to complain to the company" Humidity+Sweat =Deodorant, you wouldn't want that shiny look on your big day!
Pores is Pores...

After all was said and done, the happy couple took their inaugural foam joust into a mud pit and the groom affectionately cut the mud soaked bottom of his brides dress off, She married her dream man, the man she is blessed to see every morning she wakes. For him, the feeling is mutual.

Tom said, he has been married three times and still is looking for a love like theirs.

I brought this up simply because it is very hot here in Cali and I am wondering...
Does Mary Kay carry Face Deodorant?...

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