Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Food 101

I have always said one thing about my husband. Steve is easy to feed but hard to understand. It is very true, and since I came from the old school of "You don't like what I cooked then sit there and starve" I am not much of a picky eater either.
Steve and I have well matched pallets except for one thing... The Bell Pepper.

While I believe Bell Peppers have their place like sauteed over a bratwurst, Steve thinks they could be a daily staple. I make soup and he says "Bell Pepper would be good in this" No honey, Chicken Noodle soup does not need Bell Peppers... I also really hate Stuffed Bell Peppers. I refuse to make them, a tomato rice and hamburger giant meatball in a pepper... To me YUK. Steve has actually almost whined for his stuffed favorites so I was happy when I discovered Ralph's has them made up in their Deli. There is honestly a look of joy on my hubby's face when I bring them home, I will cook them, but I won't make them. I think that is a pretty good compromise.

One of the first things Cam and Beka noticed about each other is they also have pretty common likes and dislikes. They are both picky eaters but Beka draws the line at the hamburger. She is just not a fan of the ground round where Cameron lives for a good burger. The bigger the better. The dude can down a double six dollar burger that even defeats his dad. Their compromise... The George Foreman Grill and burgers in the freezer.

Since most restaurants offer a non burger alternative, they usually don't have much problem going out but I know there is one place Cam loves that only does the burger, I was going to cook, but I honestly heard a twinge of excitement when I suggested for his last family dinner before the wedding the good old California Classic In and Out. Cam got a 4x4 which is a four patty special, Eric, always trying to live up to brother couldn't finish his 3x3. We had a great dinner, excellent conversation and enjoyed our special night.

It's all about compromise.

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Crayl said...

In my house bell peppers have no place in anything. :) I don't enjoy the allergic reaction.