Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My Second Most Beautiful Day.

This a grab your cup of coffee and make sure you have gone pee kind of blog, you might want to grab a hankie too. I hope you have enjoyed sharing this journey with me and my wedding diaries.

Love to you and blessings,

Well, I didn't lose 200 lbs in 6 months like I had hoped. So I was grateful that God has helped me to love who I am until he gives me the strength to change. God is amazing because Friday I began feeling that twinge in my throat telling me a serious cold was coming on. By Saturday when I had the girls over to help me with the alter I was kind of useless and not really very focused. I am so grateful that they just took over and crafted away. By Saturday night I had received a second wind and we were up pretty late working on things and made giant headway for Sunday.

You know, at first I thought "Sunday? Why a wedding on Sunday?" But all in all, I was so glad for the Sunday Wedding, we had all day Saturday so actually Sunday was relaxing which was great because I was so sick that when I woke from my nap and had missed church I had totally forgotten it was even the wedding day.

But again God is good, I was relaxed and perked up for the several hours of the wedding I had no cold symptoms at all, I was in awe of Gods mercy.

My hubby looked dashing in his tux and LOVED his Converse tennis shoes (the wedding had kind of a shoe thing going on) I was so blessed with my replacement dress, it was exactly what I needed to boost my esteem, I felt I looked the best I possibly could, and Stevie said we looked the best we had since our own wedding day(he's a keeper). My blouse was pretty but simply encrusted in glitter, I shook it, and I even took a lint brush to it and yet I was like I was a little magical fairy spewing my glittery dust all over. You could tell who had hugged Troy that's for sure.

Steve and I arrived to the wedding on time to find things were delayed, it gave us time to greet guests and gave me time to be with my Cammy for a few minutes and of course pin on his flowers. That was MY JOB and no one else was going to do that!

I was so excited and happy for my son, he was getting married and he was ready. Eric walked me down the aisle with Steve near by and I had all my family on notice that I wanted a picture of Cameron's expression as he sees Beka for the first time. I have gotten several shots and it is totally cool to see his face... Priceless.

It was amazing, and really surreal (again that word) to sit in the first row at a wedding. I have sat in the first row at two funerals, but never a wedding. What a view! The best seat in the house! God gave me the strength to go through the entire ceremony without a tear, I was so filled with joy and Steve and I were so honored by the children,for some reason I was bold while Steve sobbed, I held him and enjoyed every moment of the ceremony.

It was a true ceremony, not too short, not too long, there were some really cool moments especially when they were sharing communion, they snuggled and Eskimo kissed like they had for so long, I loved that part.

The pastors message was great and the soloist was wonderful, then it came time for them to exchange their purity rings for marriage rings and I felt a hush over the audience when it was announced that as part of their purity pledge Cam and Beka would be kissing on the lips for the first time. The moment arrived and boy oh boy, no one was disappointed by that kiss, It truly rivaled the kiss of Princess Bride which I quoted in the post of their picture.

"Since the invention of the kiss, there have only been five kisses that were rated the most passionate, the most pure.

this one left them all behind" That's for sure!

Then the reception began and it was wonderful to see a lifetime of family and friends there for the occasion. I tried my best to visit everyone but catching up will have to be done at another time and made me aware that contact with these people is something that should not be lost.

I was right in the middle of introducing my friends to each other, it has always amazed me that I have so many super special friends that mean so much to me and are such a part of my life but they don't know each other. I was so excited to sit with my gaggle of gal hens when Cam said it was time for our Mother Son dance. My heart lept. Can I get through this?

We went up to the dance floor and the DJ gets my kudos for perfectly playing my secretly selected dance song "Go Go Power Rangers" Cam was a great sport and we had so much fun being silly dancing to the song that was such a part of his youth. Then came our "Real" song "My wish" by Rascall Flatts.

The words are exactly what my heart felt and Cam and I sang it to each other as he twirled me and I reached high above my head and twirled him and we held each other so tight. Honestly I think we rocked the mother/son dance and made it memorable and our own. There weren't many dry eyes in the house.

The kids had their first dance in the sunset so I cant wait to see how gorgeous those photos will be.

All in all, it was probably the most wonderful wedding I have ever been to, I always have said my most beautiful day was my own wedding day. I am so grateful I have that, but now I can say my sons wedding was my second most beautiful day and for that will be blessed for many years to come.


Dena said...

oh, thank you so much for posting this beautiful story. the pictures are amazing, what a sweet, sweet couple. You and your honey are too cute. what a blessing. so, so, so thankful that all went so well.

My life said...

Sounds wonderful and i saw the pics and it was beautiful! Congrats to the new couple! : )