Monday, September 15, 2008

War Zone

War Zone I mean School Zone

Every day when I drop off and pick up my son from school and arrive home safe and sound I breathe a sigh of relief. I feel like I enter a war zone each time I enter the dreaded School Zone.

Unfortunately, to get to Eric's school I must pass by a High School, we try to leave early enough to miss traffic but it seems like others are beginning to do the same.

The other day I was behind a truck load of guys driving 5 mph by the school. Come on the speed limit is 25!!!

The biggest problem with passing the High School is the endless stream of kids crossing the street. There are no longer crossing guards, I try to make sure the kids are completely clear of the intersection before proceeding but it is really difficult. Today a school bus was stopped with its read lights flashing. A steady stream of kids were crossing the street so I stopped and can you believe someone honked at me! I just couldn't believe it.

Every day when I pick Eric up from school is way worse and literally gives me a heart attack. I park on the curb and wait for Eric but when I pull from the curb there are kids on scooters, bikes, and skateboards that drive in between the cars on the curb and the cars in the street. This is just a two lane street so believe me these kids are squeezing in between the cars. Then there are the parents that park across the street and make their kids jay walk through the moving traffic to them. I chewed out Cam when I found out he parked on the wrong side of the street and made Eric cross. "It's just a small street" That's not the point! You are making your brother break the law!

The situation is a nightmare and I know one day soon a kid will get hit. I have called the school and not much was done about it.

When I go to work at the elementary school it is a jay walking nightmare, the parents park and cross with little babies and their 3 year olds in tow. I just shake my head. Once a mother entered the drop off zone with her child from in between two parked cars and Yelled a profanity at me, I am sorry, I was just following the rules. Plus I was in shock at the word she yelled in the presence of her child.

Oh well, So, I daily enter the war zone, All I can do is be armored with prayer and a hedge of protection, I follow the rules of the road, and just shake my head.

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My life said...

I know what you mean. At my old high school its best to just steer clear of there at 3pm.. i always used to wait like 30 mins to leave school, because there as no point in fighting the endless stream of kids across our two lane street..not to mention the other student drivers..

My grandma lives right across from an elementary school and that place drives me nutts! They built this huge parking lot area for parents to pick up and drop off kids, its the second area they can do this.. But still parents park on the street. They have even been so bold as to block my grandmothers driveway before! And forget trying to leave while school is getting out.. parents and kids cross illegally nonstop..they double park..its just too much work!