Sunday, September 14, 2008

Happy Week-Aversary

It is hard to believe and even surreal that it has been an entire week since the kids got married.

I remember when Steve and I got married we celebrated all those little Aversaries, One week-aversary, and every Month-aversary for a year. It was a fun way to be grateful and a wonderful excuse for another romantic evening.

We wanted to show our thanks to all our church family for all the amazing help they gave us so Steve and I got to get up and say speeches in church. This is hard for us cause we are both criers but we got through it.

The message I wanted to get across was how honored we were. Honored by the people who worked so hard to decorate, set things up, cook, serve, take things down etc. Every aspect of this wedding required help and people rose to the occasion and we are grateful.

It was a blessed day.
And a Thankful one too.

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