Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Bug Saver Superhero Mom

The Bug Saver Superhero Mom

I am having a really nice morning. The morning war zone taking Eric to school was actually pleasant and my coffee was simply yummy so all in all I am feeling quite dandy.

I was watching TV when I heard it, the familiar buzzing of a Scarab Beetle. My kitten Papa has become the master of capturing them so over the summer I have become familiar with the creatures. They are beautiful in a bug sort of way and very gentle, no wonder my neighbor Rachel says they used to be her childhood toys when they would tie strings to them and fly them around like little bug kites.

Now, I am not a fan of the beetle so I don't think I could ever get close enough to actually tie a string around them but I do have a compassionate heart. I noticed the bug of the day was putting up a really good fight, buzzing and spinning, Yogi got into the act and soon I noticed the cat playtime had ventured near me and before I knew it he was right at my foot and the bug was almost touching me as he tried to escape my kitty's wrath.

OK, play near the door and I can ignore you but come near me and that's it! So I put a Dixie cup over the bug and it was kind of funny and almost cartoonish to see the cup moving along the floor. OK Mr. Beetle, you have earned yourself a rescue.

Man, I wish I had it on video cause his release was a classic. Picture this.

Freaked out mom barely holding a moving Dixie cup with an envelope under it, I took off the cup and threw the bug in the air and he happily flew off to freedom where he can live to buzz another day.

Just don't come near Yogi and Papa again and you will be fine...

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