Monday, September 1, 2008

Bad Patient

Just like they say that Doctor's are bad patients.

Old school manicurists are the worst Pedicure customers.

When I was a manicurist I made sure my customers were comfortable, I would cut, file and polish their nails to perfection, their massage was just as they liked it, our conversation would be fun, and they enjoyed their time spent with me.

It's called Customer Service!

These days I am in total shock that it is perfectly normal for us to spend $20 minimum to be treated like garbage by manicurists and pedicurists.

I have had several pedicures and I have to say, I have never had an excellent experience. It is all about getting the job done.

But it shouldn't be like that. I would like to believe that in their native country whatever it may be, the manicurists are kind to each other.

Not a word was said to me except "Water" Oh yea and "Callus Removal?"

I am sorry, but my $20 is more valuable than that.

What a concept to open a nail salon with manicurists that give actual customer service, speak to the customers with respect and interest and make you feel good.

Luckily, I had my friend with me which did make the trip fun, but pampered, I was not!!!



A Perfect Life said...

I agree!

I have gone to very few places where i have gotten good customer service, though i did used to go to this one and the lady would try to make conversation with me and it was nice, but it was so hard to understand her. I felt bad, but i would have to ask her to repeat the question again and again.

Whats worse is a few times i have felt bullied in places..

cjay said...

Customer service, does that still exist anywhere??? I rarely encounter it. Maybe I'm doing business with the wrong people.